Why You Are Here
The soul purpose of my homepage is for you to explore and enjoy my passion - photography. I try to illustrate nature, its organisms and biological processes in a perspective one would normally not use. Furthermore, I combine my photography with my expanding knowledge about nature which I get from studying biology at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

If you have investigated some of my galleries, you may have stumbled upon "Macropia". Macropia is actually an imaginary place. I think of it when observing nature, that is, the level of nature one would normally place one's foot on; the small, the unnoticed, the macroscopic part of nature. It may not be anyones guess that macro photography is my keen interest.

My Passion For Sale
Pictures in my galleries are available for purchase. Send me an email by pressing "Contact".

Dream Wolf Trailer 2014: Watch full film in Macropia -> Wildlife Filmmaking



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